It’s traditional to set new year’s resolutions, a new year always feels like a fresh start. It’s a chance to introduce ideas and goals to help yourself and others. Sometimes these plans go awry after a few weeks, but it’s always nice to try and set a standard to reach for the better.

We have asked some riders and industry professionals what their new year’s resolutions are; here’s what they had to say.

Sam Hutton is a British showjumper based in Belgium, he said, “My new year resolution for 2021 is to make time to build my fitness, aside from my riding, by running and doing pilates.

I would love to get to Tokyo and I have a lovely 12-year-old, Venise du Reverdy who could just make it, and want to give her every possible advantage!”

Debra Hargrave works with Sandy Thwaites at Pro-rider Academy, the one-stop shop for PR Advice for professional riders. Both partners, Debra and Sandy are at one with their new year resolution for 2021. It’s to try and think more ‘outside the box’. Debra said, “The equestrian industry has tended historically to be inward looking, so we are looking to get even more creative in 2021, particularly in the face of all the pandemic challenges”.

Will Fletcher was part of the British young rider team who won European gold in 2019. He said, “I’m planning on starting as I mean to go on with my first new year’s resolution which is not to have a fence down! I am pretty certain I may break this one, but will obviously try not to.

“I also want to take more photos, wherever I go. I’m terrible with my phone and have barely any photos at all and would like to capture more memories.”

As well as his own self-improvement, Will wants to share his equine knowledge with others. “I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals, so would like to find the time to do some more teaching this year than I’ve done previously.”

John Kyle is a Global Champions commentator. His resolutions reflect his professional and personal ambitions. John said, “I have a voice over business and I want to knuckle down and set goals for marketing that. I want to build up a whole new business.”

John also wants to put his phone to better use, he thinks approaching his contacts to help grow his business is a more productive way of using his phone than scrolling social media.

John said, “I want to consider more what I’m reading on social media and what I post, especially during this lockdown time, I don’t want to be absorbed in negativity or extreme views. I also want to continue what I did last year in running 1000km in a year, it sounds a lot, but like anything, if you break it down, it’s not.”

Everyone’s new year resolutions are different and personal to them, but the one thing they have in common is positivity and we certainly must be that for 2021. Happy New Year!